Our goal in the Bumblebee Room is to provide loving and consistent care for our young toddlers.  At Just Like Home Daycare, we understand that each child is unique and may have different needs.  The daily routine provides both consistency and flexibility.  The morning activities include structured playtime, outdoor play, art activities, music stories, and circle time.  When the children are more active balls, pretend play and dancing are favorite activities. 

We believe that play is a very large piece of a child's development.  Toddlers are constantly learning, and they learn best by interacting with things and people in their environment.  Your child will sing the ABC's, play "Where's your nose?", discover the difference between a red ball and a blue one, investigate shapes while building the blocks and count the steps while walking out the play yard.  We integrate educational concepts with your child's play, rather than demanding that he/she participate in structured "learning times", which can sometimes be frustrating to an active child.  At this age we introduce lesson plans and do our best to organize structured assignments although the outcome depends on the disposition of the children.

This is a time of tremendous growth and development.  Our priority is making sure that your child experiences the many changes of his/her year in a safe and loving environment.  Communication with parents is also key in ensuring that we are providing consistent care to meet the needs of your child, and your family.