Welcome to the Ladybug Room!  Generally, the children in this classroom are between six weeks and independently mobile.  It is our goal to provide excellent care for your child.

Being that you know your child best, the staff in the Ladybug Room will provide care according to you instructions.  Every child is special and unique, and our priority is making sure that his/her needs are met accordingly. 

Communication with your infant's care providers is critical to ensuring consistency in your child's schedule.  We believe that caring for your baby is a cooperative effort between you and our staff.  If you are expecting, we encourage you to visit now, and again after your baby is born.  We provide a written record of your child's daily on a daily information sheet. 

In the Ladybug Room, you will find a variety of toys and equipment to stimulate your child's senses and enhance his/her development.  Of course, the best "toys" that young babies can have are people!  You will find our staff providing lots of individual attention to your baby throughout the day. Hugs and cuddles, "This Little Piggy", "Peek-a-Boo",  "So Big" and encouragement with rolling over, sitting up and getting around are more them skill-building in the Ladybug Room.  They are a part of genuine, loving care which gives your child a trusting and secure foundation on which to grow.