Welcome to the Caterpillar Room.  In keeping with our philosophy of care for the whole child, there is considerable focus on your child's developing social skills and emotional needs at this age.  We emphasize concepts such as sharing, taking turns and cooperation, as well as following directions and using words to resolve conflict.  We encourage your child's growing self-care skills as part of our daily activities.

In the Caterpillar Room, our staff provides the consistency that your child needs by adhering to a predetermined daily schedule.  During the course of the day, your child will participate in free play, circle time, small group activities or "centers", outside play, arts and crafts, music and reading.  We believe that play is a very important piece in development.  In the Caterpillar Room, your child will learn age-appropriate concepts such as colors, shapes, numbers, matching, sorting and pattern recognition, all through play!

At this stage in a child's development, they are recognizing new things and learning from each and every experience.  It is a critical point in one's development and we feel extremely confident that they will succeed and learn a great deal during their time in the Caterpillar Room.